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Live Rock Concert Band



Madison's original 90's

and 00's rock cover band.

Since 2012, FRINGE FIELD has been bringing the greatest rock hits of the 90's and 00's to the Madison area and parts beyond.

Just as the Great Recession of the late aughts receded, FRINGE FIELD looked around at the local live music scene and asked "How come nobody covers the 90's?"


And so it began, now over a decade and still going strong. From core 90's alt rock and grunge staples to the garage rock revival of the 00's and beyond, FRINGE FIELD plays the hits you know you love.



Originally from Chicago, IL (proper, not the suburbs, mind you) and coming of age during the peaks of such behemoths as Rush and Van Halen, AARON is a live music enthusiast of the highest order and the the visionary leader of FRINGE FIELD.

Bringing decades of guitar experience to the table, including a background in blues and jazz, AARON masterfully juggles guitar and lead vocal duties.


A true child of the 90's, Dustin was raised on his dad's collection of classic rock records by day and surreptitious viewings of Beavis and Butt-head by night, the latter serving as his introduction to pillars of the 90's such as Nirvana, Green Day, and the Smashing Pumpkins.

Along with his 25 years of guitar experience, DUSTIN has also been known to play keyboard and harmonica, as well as deliver the occasional back-up vocal.



Inspired by an eclectic range of musical greats from rock (think Janis Joplin) to folk (Joan Baez) to musicals (Julie Andrews), the opportunity presented by JULIE's clear vocal talents could not be ignored by the rest of FRINGE FIELD.

The band is beyond fortunate to have JULIE take lead vocal duties on several 90's  and 00's classics, opening up a whole host of repertoire possibilities. 


Another tried and true child of the 90's, for SAM musical greatness just runs in the family, especially if we're talking the early 00's (and we are).

When not soaring through the sky in his own airplane or tearing up the highways on his motorcycle (how much more rock and roll can you get, right?), SAM masterfully keeps the rest of FRINGE FIELD firmly grounded with the steady presence of his five string bass guitar.



Who would have thought a guy who grew up on the tunes of the Grateful Dead and CSNY would end up keeping time for a bunch of guys laying down Pearl Jam and Rage Against the Machine?

A drummer who takes the cover band mantra to heart, unafraid to play anything and everything, STEVE carries FRINGE FIELD onto the rock-and-roll battlefield with his expert grooves and thunderous fills.

Special Thanks

The members of FRINGE FIELD would like to recognize and extend an extra special thanks to JOURDAN HINES.  An incredibly talented musician in his own right, JOURDAN is FRINGE FIELD's live sound engineer of choice. Thanks, JOURDAN, for always making us sound great!

Check out Jourdan's personal website at

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